03/08/2014 11:41 pm ET Updated May 08, 2014

Sunday Roundup

This week was consumed with the drama in Crimea, where 30,000 Russian troops provoked a tense standoff. Right on cue, the usual Beltway suspects whose foreign policy acumen gave us that glorious and tidy success, the Iraq war, sprang into action. "It started with Benghazi" (Lindsey Graham). Obama is "weak and indecisive" and "invites aggression" (John McCain). The situation raises many questions, including: why are those who've been so wrong on foreign policy still taken seriously? What Obama should do, beyond sanctions that were in place by Thursday, was unclear. Troops? Bombs? Nuclear war? Maybe we could send Mitch McConnell, who showed up at the CPAC panderfest brandishing a musket rifle. Then Ted Cruz fired up the crowd with that moldy oldie, 'repeal Obamacare.' Meanwhile, Darrell Issa shut down Elijah Cummings' microphone during Issa's fishless I.R.S. fishing expedition: a perfect metaphor for our current political debate.