11/01/2014 11:46 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2015

Sunday Roundup

We don't know who will be victorious in Tuesday's midterm elections, but this week science -- represented by nurse Kaci Hickox -- was the big winner. On Friday, Maine Judge Charles LaVerdiere rejected efforts of state officials to restrict Hickcox to her home, citing the "misinformation" and "bad science" being spread about Ebola. This came a day after Hickox, who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone but is symptom-free, took the most media-covered bike ride outside the Tour de France. If Maine seeks another order, it should be one thanking Hickox for making us safer, since the way to beat Ebola is to stop it in Africa -- not by disincentivizing heroic medical workers willing to help. With Maine's Paul LePage joining Chris Christie as governors the courageous nurse has used science to vanquish, kids looking for a real superhero to emulate next Halloween should ready their Kaci Hickox costumes.