04/02/2006 01:22 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

This was the week when everyone -- elected officials, pundits, and, yes, bloggers -- was taken aback by the forces unleashed over immigration, memorably captured in the images of half a million people surging through Los Angeles. Read HuffPost takes on this by Max Blumenthal, Jamie Court, Robert Scheer, and Tony Hendra. And "in another part of the wood," why have the MSM ignored the amazing Murray Waas story about the Hadley memo? It's shocking to all who have wondered for years if Bush is Reagan redux and would always claim deniability. On other stories, check out Bob Borosage, Peter Daou, and Robert Elisberg on the Democrats' national security plan, Steve Cobble, RJ Eskow, and Ari Melber on the Feingold censure hearing, and Jim Pinkerton, Robert Schlesinger, and Rachel Sklar on the administration's revival of the Iraq - al Qaeda spin.