05/16/2015 11:46 pm ET Updated May 16, 2016

Sunday Roundup

This week, another Bush got caught in an Iraq quagmire with no exit strategy. When Jeb Bush was asked if he'd have authorized invading Iraq knowing what we know now, he replied, "I would have." He continued to flail all week, saying on Wednesday that such "hypotheticals" are a "disservice" to the troops, and on Thursday that he "would not have gone into Iraq." The jaws that rightly dropped in response to his floundering were notably bipartisan. Laura Ingraham declared "there has to be something wrong with you," and Byron York said it was "a step backward" for the GOP. It's shocking that Jeb didn't have a prepared answer to this elephant sitting in the middle of his campaign headquarters, but heartening to see how far establishment thinking has come on Iraq. And given the speed with which Jeb shifted gears, who knows, by next week he might be demanding that those who led us into that disastrous war be held accountable.