04/05/2008 09:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

This week saw the public unveiling of Bill Clinton 3.0 -- twice the finger-pointing rage with half the unload time. But the killer app of this version is the ability to instantly reboot and advise everyone else to "chill out." Politician, heal thyself! John McCain meanwhile touted his relative "self-restraint and mellowness" while desperately trying to distance himself from "the Bush presidency," which would be like Hillary trying to distance herself from "the Clinton presidency." Given the many encomiums both Clintons have offered McCain, if Obama prevails in the Democratic race, maybe McCain can offer Bill his VP slot. It would be Temper Ticket '08. Or a prolonged audition for Grumpy Old Men 3. Elsewhere, Deb Stabinow's husband demonstrated how different the sex-for-hire price list in Michigan is from New York.