The Liberal Love Boat

I've had a great weekend on board the M. S. Oosterdam, taking part in the 8th annual "Seminar Cruise" sponsored by The Nation Magazine. It was great sharing the high seas with Victor Navasky, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Bob Scheer, Calvin Trillin, Amy Wilentz, and close to 500 progressive friends. Call it the Liberal Love Boat. The only things missing were Julie, Gopher, Isaac and Captain Stubing (more on the cruise later). I sadly have to leave the cruise early, getting off at Cabo today to get back to the kids -- and the HuffPost (not much Internet access aboard the Oosterdam). No Meet the Press, either -- so many thanks to Marty Kaplan for stepping in to do Russert Watch. Check out his spot-on takedown of Russert's interviews with Ken Mehlman and Howard Dean. Land ho!