05/01/2006 01:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Time 100

The honor of being included among Time's 100 of "the world's most influential people" doesn't belong to me. It belongs squarely to the Huffington Post community -- our talented team, our amazing stable of bloggers (over 700 strong), our advertisers, and our readers whose clicks and comments have been the lifeblood of HuffPost, and fueled whatever success and influence we may have enjoyed.

Time's recognition is really a tribute to the influence of the blogosphere, which has leveled the playing field between the media haves and the media have-only-a-laptop-and-an-Internet-connection crowd. In the process, it has become a vital source of news and opinion -- forever altering and democratizing the way we gather, process, and share information.

It's also a tribute to the influence and power of news and opinion delivered in the blink of an eye -- 24/7.

And, of course, it's a tribute to the influence of Al Franken, who generously profiled me for Time, and who clearly feels that he deserves credit for, well, everything. And who am I to argue (other than one of the 100 "most influential people on the planet")?

The timing of this honor couldn't be more propitious. On May 9th, we'll be celebrating the first anniversary of the Huffington Post. And, over the next month, we'll be adding a number of new features that will allow us to better serve the HuffPost community -- and, we hope, continue to help influence the national discussion.

For one, we're going to be greatly increasing our coverage of the media. "Eat the Press" will expand to cover the media waterfront, delivering the latest news, opinion, blogs, gossip, rankings, and more -- a one-stop shop for the media aficionado. Also on tap, a new daily HuffPost e-mail featuring the top news story and blog posts of the day.

So, thanks again to everyone who has been a part of this most remarkable year.

Keep reading, keep commenting, keep contributing... and we'll keep doing everything we can to bring you the best in news, opinion, and more.