Will Hill Kill Bill for Lying About Iraq?

I'm hearing that Hillary is ready to kill Bill. But it has nothing to do with his roving eye -- and everything to do with his Rovian lie.

By claiming that he had "opposed Iraq from the beginning" -- when the record clearly shows otherwise -- the former president served voters a piping hot reminder that the Clintons have frequently had an on-and-off relationship with the truth.

What made Clinton's statement infinitely worse, was that it came at the very moment when Karl Rove was being pilloried for his attempt to rewrite history on Iraq, with even Andy Card, his fellow member of the White House Iraq Group, rejecting his claim that Congress had pushed Bush into war. And just as Rudy Giuliani is being challenged for his penchant for playing fast and loose with the truth.

This should have been a week when Democrats could have asked voters: Have you had enough of all the lies? Are you ready for someone who will tell you the truth? Especially on the single most important issue of our time -- the war?

Instead, the public is left with the sour taste of "they're all the same" in its mouth.

No wonder Hill is lashing out at Bill. What the hell was he thinking?