07/02/2012 08:18 am ET Updated Sep 01, 2012

The X Factor: The X PRIZE Meets HuffPost

In 2007, I joined the board of the X PRIZE Foundation, inspired by the way the group encourages people to dream big, tap into their own fearlessness and creativity, and change the world. These qualities have become even more important in the years since I joined, given our continuing national jobs crisis and the inability of our leaders in Washington to bring about the changes we so desperately need. In a world of multiple crises, sub-optimal solutions and a lack of urgency from our elected officials, the X PRIZE's mission of seeking bold answers to our biggest challenges is essential, inspiring and -- hopefully -- contagious.

So I'm delighted that, starting today, HuffPost will be featuring blog posts about the latest and most innovative X PRIZE projects. We're confident our readers will identify with X PRIZE's commitment to spurring innovation in areas ranging from space exploration and science to education and energy.

Earlier this year, X PRIZE Foundation Chairman and CEO Dr. Peter H. Diamandis co-wrote a book called Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think, offering solutions, perspective and optimism at a time when all three things are in short supply. That theme of abundance goes hand in hand with the recognition that, increasingly, startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and ordinary people are taking on big challenges -- often with stunning results. In an X PRIZE blog post in May, celebrating the successful SpaceX Dragon mission -- the first private craft to dock with the International Space Station -- Shell's Russ Conser wrote, "Governments no longer have to be the only ones who can do really big things on their own, and neither do large companies like my own... In the 21st century, big achievements can be pursued by startups founded by people like you."

In the coming days, we'll feature blog posts including X PRIZE Vice Chairman and President Robert K. Weiss on young inventors; Nokia's Henry Tirri and Qualcomm's Don Jones on revolutionizing digital healthcare; and X PRIZE Senior Director Grant Campany and Boston University's Tom Perls on genes, health, and longevity.

In Abundance, Diamandis and co-author Steven Kotler write, "The net is allowing us to turn ourselves into a giant, collective meta-intelligence." By showcasing some of X PRIZE's boldest new ideas -- and inviting you to join the conversation -- we hope to help prove them right.

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