01/11/2014 10:42 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

Relieved Holiday Season Is Over Just Because I Want Michael Bolton Commercials To Stop!

Let me first state that I am not a hater. I can be a wee bit judgmental at times, but I love people and am generally very accepting. I try to find the good in everyone.

Despite the above, I cannot find a nice word to say about Michael Bolton's Holiday Honda commercials. I have to hit mute or change the channels each time one comes on. How many of us hate them and run away from the TV holding our ears? Even my 86-year-old father, who absolutely blasts his TV on full volume, is bitter about them.

I couldn't wait for Christmas to be over so I wouldn't have to see them any more, but surprise of all surprises, additional ones have run through the New Year week. This is my personal plea for these commercials to stop.

Enough Honda people! Is the point to get everyone covering their ears and then create water cooler talk and a buzz about how horrible they are? If so, you have us there. Not only is everyone posting their hatred for the commercials, but some are saying they wouldn't buy a Honda because of them! It is not true that all publicity is good publicity.

Doesn't Honda think about all of the ill will they have caused, and all the ears they have scarred? How about all the headaches? Have you heard of Ear Candy? What about Ear Poison? As soon as that whiny wail begins, my ears start bleeding. How many people are even listening to the Honda deals after that screechy bird sound finishes? (And I apologize to all birds who have been maligned in the previous statement.)

I am very angry with Honda and I OWN a Honda that I love. I think they should fire their advertising team. Hire Don Draper, or anyone else -- please! I am begging.

Now I must admit, I have never been a Michael Bolton fan. I liked exactly one song of his, but I am almost embarrassed to admit it was "I Said I Loved You But I Lied." His whine was extremely controlled in this one song. (Hey, I also liked the syrupy "Feelings" song once upon a time until it was overplayed, so my music taste isn't always stellar.)

Michael Bolton's voice has only gotten increasingly more annoying with age -- either my age, or his age, take your pick.

On the plus side, his hair is looking much better these days and he is quite handsome. So there you have it, I do have something nice to say about these commercials. I told you I am not a hater.

I do not deny Michael Bolton a right to make a living. He is probably a very nice man, and I wish him only the best... Who knows, maybe those up in Branson would pay to see him. Send him there instead!

But to foist him upon all of us during our free, but not-so-free television shows (that we pay arm-and-a-leg cable rates to view) is downright annoying. The absolute bombardment of these frequent commercials was ridiculous.

So it is with great relief that now, maybe, with the holiday season finished, we will no longer see those Michael Bolton Honda commercials air. That would be a great way to start the New Year.

Happy New Year to one and all. For more, read my regular blog at

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