Why I, a Liberal Democrat, Would Rather Vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton

01/19/2016 12:25 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2017

The stage is set for 2016. From the Republican side, the likely contender for the nomination is Donald Trump. Trump really embodies Republican ideals, he's a businessman who speaks in short sentences. He gives off the vibe that he knows the country's problems and that he can fix them overnight. Very rarely does Donald Trump ever talk about policy, and when he does, his policies become the talking point of the town. A few of Donald Trump's policies include: building a wall along the southern boarder, placing a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, and repealing Obamacare. Recently, Donald Trump released a tax plan that would increase the national debt by more than seventy-five percent over the next decade, according to a conservative think tank. However, his support is nothing short of amazing. Donald Trump has garnered the largest crowds of any Republican in the race, and has stayed in his number one spot for a very long time. Odds are, he will win the Republican nomination.

The Democratic stage is a bit more mirky. There are currently two contenders who have a serious shot at winning the nomination. Firstly, Hillary Clinton: former first lady, secretary of state, and senator. Currently the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton is likely to be the Democratic nominee, for all the wrong reasons. Firstly, Hillary Clinton pry's on the ambiguous voter. That is because she has no ideas. Hillary Clinton doesn't draw any crowds and doesn't bring light to any issues. She hopes that the voter will come to the polls, recognize her name, and vote for her. The only achievement that Hillary Clinton marvels at is being a woman; she must've worked so hard for that. In fact, her womanhood is the why famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lena Dunham support her. However, I do not oppose Hillary Clinton because of the fact that she is a woman, I oppose Hillary Clinton for reasons far worse.

It is no secret that Donald Trump will destroy this country. His racist rhetoric and xenophobic antics will make him a pariah in the eyes of the international community. But the country can rebuild. Walls can be torn down and visas can be expedited. Odds are, majority of the legislature that Trump puts on the table won't even make it past congress. And while it is no secret that Donald Trump will destroy the country, Hillary Clinton will destroy the foundation of the country. Hillary Clinton is an embodiment of the Democratic establishment in its purest form. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, it will signify that the American people have no voice. Hillary Clinton's opponent, Bernie Sanders, garners the support of the American people. Bernie Sanders draws massive crowds and runs an entirely grassroots campaign. His donors don't include corporations like Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan, but rather they include the names of average Americans. And that is where the demise of America starts. By electing Hillary Clinton, the American people show their irrelevance and show that corporations control their elections. By electing Hillary Clinton, the American people deny their children and grandchildren of real change. And lastly, by electing Hillary Clinton, "We the people" becomes nothing more than words on a page.

Sadly, since the establishment will shove Hillary Clinton down the throats of the voters, all we're left with is Donald Trump. And while Donald Trump will unequivocally destroy the country, his election will make a statement. Donald Trump's election will show that we, the American people, choose our leaders, not the establishment. And in four years, when Bernie Sanders runs again, he will win. Then, the United States will truly see progress and change and Hillary Clinton will feel the Bern!