06/29/2012 04:00 pm ET Updated Aug 29, 2012

A Letter From Little Havana for Marco Rubio

Dear Senator Marco Rubio,

I've followed your ascent in the Republican Party since 2010. It is very nice to see a Hispanic reach such popularity within the Republican Party. At the beginning, I was excited by your election to the Senate. I thought that it would be advantageous for the Hispanic community have one of us in a position of such influence. He could represent and advance the unique interests of the Hispanic community within the highest levels of the Republican Party, I thought.

But this is not how things turned out. As more time passes and the more I know about your political positions, I am increasingly aware of that the only Hispanic you've cared about is yourself.

If you identify yourself with the Hispanic community, why take positions that are harmful to the community? For example, you are opposed to the current DREAM Act or prioritizing job creation, policies that the majority of Hispanics support. Instead, you spent the last two years fighting to lower tax of the wealthiest in our country.

While your family history is impressive, why did you claim to be the son of immigrant escaping political persecution, when in reality they came to this country looking for economic opportunities? There is nothing shameful in this. But I ask myself, "What kind of person distorts his family history to advance his political career?"

How can you can justify that your committee, the Committee Floridians for Conservative Leadership (Residents of the Florida for leadership conservative), spent $150,000 in administrative costs, making payments to your wife, nephew, mother and your wife's half-brother, but only did $4,000 in actual campaign contributions? 3. Your annual income rose from $124,000 dollars per year when you entered the State legislature to more than $410,000 in 2008, thanks to your concurrent work with a powerful, local law firm. But strangely enough your net assets were about $8,000 during your last year in the state legislature. This tells me that you do not practice what you preach, fiscal responsibility.

How can you say that social programs like Medicare weaken us and then praise the same program as the only access to the health care available for your father? Are we to understand that Medicare is good for you, but not for us? Did you change positions for political expediency? I have the impression that you take the same approach with your religious beliefs; first you were Catholic, then Mormon, then Baptist and Catholic then again. What are your religious beliefs today? The truth is that we don't know!

I am thoroughly disappointed and I can say that you've really lost my trust and the trust of all the neighbors, friends and relatives with whom I speak. We are not going to vote for a candidate simply because he is Hispanic. We vote for politicians who take our interests into account.

You, Senator Rubio, are not that politician.


Armida Fajardo
1Miami activist