03/30/2012 05:33 pm ET Updated May 30, 2012

Menezes Holds Bar High for Kaka's Return to Selecao

Brazil coach Mano Menezes has explained his decision not to include Kaka in the preliminary roster for the Olympics by noting that he would prefer Kaka play the entire pre-season for Real Madrid, particularly given the importance of the 2012-2013 season for the Real Madrid midfielder's chances of securing a place in the 2014 World Cup. As reported on, Menezes made the following remarks on the chances of Kaka's return to the Selecao in an interview with Brazilian channel sporTV:

"I think that Kaka can play a big role at the World Cup in 2014. I think that in order for than to happen, the next season will be very important. 2012-13 will say if he can play one more World Cup. And for this to happen, the pre-season will be crucial for him. And it happens that the Olympic Games take place exactly during pre-season in Europe. If I believe that he can be at the World Cup and that next season will be crucial, then I have to let him do what he needs to do."

On one hand, these are highly appropriate comments given Kaka's recent history of injuries and continuing struggle to return to form over the last three years. On the other, reading between the lines of Menezes's remarks, one can safely assume that Kaka's return to the Selecao will require nothing short of a spectacular return to form over a sustained period of time. Kaka clearly does not fit into Menezes's plans for the Brazilian national team given the surfeit of talent at his disposal in an attacking midfield position. Mano favors Ronaldinho, Hernanes and Ganso in the playmaker role, for starters, and additionally has his eye on Lucas Moura.

All this means that Kaka will need to deliver something short of a miracle to earn back his place in the national team. Knowing Kaka, however, a miraculous return to form may not be entirely out of the Real Madrid midfielder's grasp, vision and circle of hope. Kaka is no stranger to miracles either of a medical nature or as demonstrated by his miraculous form at AC Milan, soon after his transplantation to Europe from Sao Paulo. Kaka made a miraculous recovery from a swimming pool accident that happened in October 2000.