08/06/2014 06:51 am ET Updated Oct 05, 2014

Rant for the Litter

"Litter" has two strange meanings - trash left in the open, and a group of newborns. Think about it.

Children the world over pour onto the endangered species list. Meanwhile, compassion lies bedridden with an IV drip in the House of America's elected leaders. The Republican Party, in particular, acts as if those not old enough to vote are not only expendable but in fact merely future Democrats who must be crushed.

The Israelis and Palestinians continue to blow up their future because of their past. Teenagers, blinded by insane causes and deaf to the real meaning of liberty, blow themselves up. A terrorist group for the sake of terror itself kidnaps and possibly maims or kills teenage girls in Nigeria. Pro-Russian Ukrainians shoot a defenseless plane out of the sky, while Vladimir Putin smiles in the shadows ducking an occasional spit wad fired by a Western power. Hundreds of Central American youth in fear of their lives come across the U.S. border only to be turned around and sent back to lives cut short.

Are we all lost on some yellow brick road, forgetting that we are supposed to be looking for brains, hearts and courage? Does anyone know history anymore? Does anyone, for example, remember the St. Louis, the German ocean liner that tried to find a safe haven for its nearly 1,000 Jewish passengers in 1939, only to be rebuffed by the United States because we were not at war yet? So, the "voyage of the damned" found itself heading back to Europe. Nearly a quarter of these passengers died in concentration camps. Has the majority of Congress reached the level of imbecility where they cannot see a parallel with today's situation in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador? Children there are threatened daily by gang and drug warfare. So they seek asylum within our borders. But the only thing we grant them is a one-way ticket back to possible death.

In the face of all this horror and terror, our Congress can find nothing better to do with their elected time than to sue the president of the United States; nothing better to do than to achieve a record for passing fewer laws than any previous U.S. body of lawmakers; nothing better to do than to stomp on the necessity of affordable care while they themselves benefit from the best health plan available; nothing better to do than to reinterpret the Constitution for their own means, than to see themselves more the servants of corporations than of people, to raise piles of money to ensure they keep their golden seats of power so they can continue to fiddle while the world burns.

And if they try to tell you not to worry, that foreign policy is for foreigners, that our children still have a future, just remind them that hundreds of our school children continue to be shot to death across red states and blue states in the name of individual rights. And why are guns more protected than citizens? Because those who claim this is a Christian country believe "thou shall not kill, but I can."

Then again, they may not hear you up there where the air is rare on that level of imbecility.

Soon we will have a candidate who will tell us the Lord looked down upon his creation, shrugged with disgust and gave them Ebola.