01/16/2013 08:09 am ET

Morning Links: Unemployment Cutoff

-- Las Cruces family still waiting on unemployment benefits. Great story by KFOX14 in New Mexico about how the state's new system for distributing unemployment insurance has apparently seized up and zeroed out people's account balances. "I called Albuquerque and they told me everything is fine in the system, but I'm still not receiving the check," said one person affected.

-- Lowering unemployment rate automatically reduces jobless benefits in Ohio.

-- More from New Mexico: Albuquerque workers wonder why they haven't seen the minimum wage increase they were told to expect. "The city attorney said confused employees have been calling nonstop with questions," KOAT reports.

One possible explanation is the expiration of the payroll tax cut. As HuffPost's Dave Jamieson reported: "For many minimum wage workers who are receiving a wage increase this year, the higher payroll tax will offset much or all of the potential gains they anticipated in the new year."

-- Drug testing measures to get a boost in state legislatures -- my story from yesterday on the likely impact of some D.C. dealmaking beyond the beltway. Also from yesterday: Several unemployed people called into "Your Call" radio with Rose Aguilar in San Francisco, very upset about their situation.

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