10/25/2012 02:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Slaughter House: A British Architect Fashions Bricks Out of Blood

Sailing uncharted waters in sustainability, London-based architect and designer Jack Munro goes above and beyond boiler plate adaptive reuse -- shipping containers, reclaimed wood scraps, yawn -- and raises you bricks that recycle slaughterhouse run-off, a.ka. cows' blood.


Blood brick or burger? Look at that marbling.

According to Munro's website, animal blood is one of the world's most abundant waste materials. What isn't made into black pudding is normally tossed or incinerated, but he found that by mixing it with a preservative, some sand, and a bit of subversion, it coagulates into a solid after just an hour in the oven. Currently, he's raising money to build a prototype house in Siwa, Egypt, where the bricks' waterproof qualities would suit the erosion-prone area. In the meantime, we bet his Halloween decor is probably going to blow away all his neighbors'. [Jack Munro via Phaidon]


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