03/02/2015 12:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Air of Fragility

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Perfectly spun, a delicate crystalized beauty in an abundance of colors, and a unique simplicity that is born from the same air we breathe. But held too tightly or for too long between your fingers and it withers to nothing, leaving only a hint of its existence on your fingertips.

Our lives are spun together like that of cotton candy. Our existence dances upon the air that spins beneath each breath we take, inspiring and shaping every moment we live into a beautiful web of beauty, and giving color to our unique journey. Its simple beauty is unmistakable. Yet, it is as fragile as spun sugar bound together by air. When we are amid the throes of life we do not fully realize or understand its complete beauty, nor do we see its fragility.



Seldom do we realize life's extensive magnificence until we are forced to face its fragility. I, like most people, thought myself to be invincible to life's adversities, and to some extent, still do. Call it optimism? Denial? The endless war of my will? However, I've tasted its fragility and I've felt the vibrancy of life seem to wither between my fingers. Cystic fibrosis has shown me just how delicate this life is. It has shown me how it can affect everything in my life I love so dearly: relationships, singing, teaching, vacations, outings with friends, and making plans for the future. CF has shown me that this beautiful life I've spent so tirelessly working towards can change in the course of mere moments. The life I've so passionately molded is no longer recognizable; the delicate spun threads that bind my future are left uncertain. I had always immersed myself in the complexity of life: invigorated by its chaos. I never stopped to even entertain the thought that I would watch it all whither before my very eyes in the course of months, and be forced to evaluate my dreams, aspirations, and purpose. I am not invincible, but I'd like to think I am. I am willing to take whatever this life has to give me: from the most chaotic of moments to the most fragile.


Fragile Beauty
As I continue to navigate this new phase of my journey, each morning I still awake with hope and the belief that it's a new day filled with great possibility. I am learning to embrace the simplicity that life is built upon while never forgetting how truly fragile it all is. I will always remain steadfastly grateful for all its unique and delicate beauty.