12/02/2014 01:44 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2015

10 Helpful Apps to Help Organize Your Life Now

From work to play, we are constantly juggling a lot on our plates. As a freelancer, I am constantly juggling a large array of clients and projects. In order to stay on top of work, I have to constantly stay up to date on my organization. After work, how do I know the best deals? Where can I keep track of my calories? Apps are constantly changing and evolving with our improved technology. However, it's hard to keep track of the best ones. These apps can not only save time, but can help boost productivity, efficiency, and keep you organized.

1. Organize Your Documents
Instead of referring to a series of documents why not merge them? Ice Cream Apps offers the ability to split and/or merge your PDF documents, as well as delete pages. The site offers ability to convert books into an Ebook, a media converter, as well as image tools. No need to open up multiple programs or keep unnecessary documents.

2. The Grown Up To-Do List
Although I still love using a pad of paper and having the ability to cross off completed tasks, I sometimes lose my list. Not only is it frustrating, but unorganized. The Any.Do app allows you to write down tasks, goals, and check lists.

3. Converter Plus
For the international traveler, this app offers up to date conversions. From currency to metric, or even cooking volumes, this app makes measurement that much easier.

4. Dropbox
I can't even begin to tell you how frequently I use Dropbox. The website and app makes it easy to share files from computer to computer or person to person. You can share documents, upload files or photos directly from your phone, as well as open documents easily. The service is free and it lets you store items in its cloud, which makes organization a lot easier and less cluttered.

5. Skype
Whether on phone, tablet, or computer, Skype is a great way of communication between people. You can call or message international numbers without charge, and the app allows you to constantly stay connected.

6. Mint
Mint is an easy way to manage money and your finances. The app allows you to connect to your bank, credit cards, as well as car/mortgage accounts. It sends you text reminders before your bill is due, when you're over your regulated budget, and can offer other products or tips to save money. Another bonus? It tracks your spending into categories, and keeps them organized. Instead of going through piles of receipts, tax season can be a little smoother.

7. RedLaser
RedLaser makes it easy to save money. The app allows you to scan the barcode of any product, and offers other competitor pricing. Not only will you know what you received the best deal, but it also offers nutritional information for grocery items to ensure you also got the healthiest option.

8. Groupon
If being addicted to Groupon is wrong, I don't want to be right. Groupon offers deals locally to the GPS in your phone or the location you search for. The mobile app allows you to redeem deals, keep track of deals, or purchase from your phone. From a wine tasting to a concert series to a restaurant deal, Groupon supports local businesses and offers you a discounted price on what you buy.

9. Waze
The Waze community is growing at a tremendous rate. Known as the world's "largest community-based traffic and navigation app", Waze helps you get where you need to go. It offers up-to-the-minute traffic reports, sent in by fellow Wazers like you. From an upcoming accident in your route, to an object on the road, this community of likeminded app users is all about being a good neighbor.

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