01/31/2013 10:45 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2014

The Power of One

As human beings, we each have the power to make a difference in the world through every action we take and through every word that we speak. But unfortunately, many of us do not believe this to be true. We hold onto the notion that we alone cannot make a difference in the world. We hold onto the notion that many things are just not possible.

In fact, honestly, I never realized how much one person or one of anything could make such a difference in the world until I got older and started to use my passions, like journalism, to help change the world. As I have grown older and started my own media company, I have begun to realize that it only takes "one" thing to truly generate change and to inspire others to make change.

It's sad that as a society we often think that our actions individually do not make a difference. We hold everyone responsible for every situation on earth, but in reality, we also have had a part in that situation by the actions that we make. We are the ones who have the choice... the ability to decide what can be done to positively change the world.

Interestingly, we are so quick to be judgmental and to talk about all of the problems that are currently present in the world, but how many of us are actually using our lives to make a difference? How many of us are actually taking action instead of just talking and watching the situations get worse?

I believe that we each can be our own leaders in our own communities and in our own right. We don't have to have a grand education; we don't have to "know" all of the right people; and we don't have to have all of money in the world to make a change. We simply have to believe in the power that we have to make a difference and in the power that our lives have to change the world.

I wish that as a society we would not to get the point in which tragic events have to happen in order for us to change our actions. I hope that we can begin to realize that we each of the power to change things.

All of the great leaders that have ever walked on the face of the earth saw such hope, truth, and possibility in using their lives to serve others. They believed they were placed in this world on purpose for purpose and they had the ability to generate others to change the world for the better.

It is through these leaders that I am awakened, and that we all can awaken in realizing that we each have the power within us to be a Martin Luther King Jr.; to be a Steve Jobs; to be an Oprah; to be Gandhi -- to be ourselves.

Let us begin to use our lives to change the world. Let us prevent our society from falling apart, because of our selfishness and our lack of faith in the power that our actions and words have to positively change the world.

And most of all, let us truly begin to generate the change that we wish to see in the world, one word and one action at a time.