11/30/2011 08:08 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2012

Beautiful And Imposing Mosques Of The World

Europe's great churches were built centuries ago and the great monuments of Judaism are almost invariably antique, but massive, eye-catching Mosques have bloomed all over the world during the last several decades thanks to funding provided by the oil rich and royal. These magnificent structures praise God with their architectural elation, soaring towers, onion domes and brilliant coloring. They aslo draw inspiration from the architectural traditions of the places they've been constructed, from Brunei to Arabia.

Though entering these holy places may not be an option for every traveler, visiting them certainly provides greater insight into how Islam's long artistic tradition has been mixed freely with modern architecture.

Atlas Obscura put together the following guide to some of the world's great mosques to encourage Western travelers to find and enjoy holy places they might not have heard of before.

ATLAS OBSCURA: The World's Most Picturesque Mosques