11/22/2013 12:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Drowned Towers

When towns thrive, their spires and towers stand proudly as the symbols of success. But when these town become completely submerged, these towers are often the only part of the city that remain visible, flooded reminders that all humanities great achievements will one day vanish. All across the world, these bell towers and church steeples rise out of placid waters as eerie reminders of our own impermanence.

This tower, the Campanile di Curon was covered in water when the surrounding town was flooded to create an artificial lake.

Image by Bruno Maiolo

In the winter, the tower can actually be approached on foot.

Image by Alberto Bolchini

Also known as the "Flooded Bell Tower," Kalyazin Bell Tower was turned into an island by Stalin's march towards progress.

Image by Wikimedia Commons

The waters surrounding the tower see a great deal of ship and swimming traffic.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

For years, Venezuela's haunting Potosi Church was nothing more than a mildewed cross in the middle of a lake.

Image by Juan Tello

However the waters eventually receded, giving a unique glimpse of a submerged building being reborn.

Image by Wikipedia

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