06/22/2015 06:04 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2016

A Radical Revolution: Our Nation Our World

We The People Are Awake and We Have Taken Back Our Power

The Shift is here! We The People have taken back our Power, found our voice, accepted that we are called and are "joining" together. We are brilliant, we are principled, we are fearless, we are visionaries AND we are unstoppable. We now have the collective "Will and we have decided that we have had enough! We are taking back OUR Government, our Economy, Our Schools and our Neighborhoods.

But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever. Daniel 7:18

This is a new day and a new way of being. We Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and we Invoke the Power and Wisdom of God fearing nothing or no one. Our time has come and the scriptures are fulfilled in our willingness to Act. So the last will be first, and the first will be last." St. Matthew 20:18

The destruction of what has been and the dismantling of the current power structure is turning the world we know upside down. Corrupt systems, the abuse of power, and governance that allows 95% of the resources of the world to be owned and controlled by 1 percent has come to an end. A new understanding and collective action by millions is changing what we value and re-defining power. Going forward, money alone is of no value unless the intention is to SERVE "ALL". The current era of rulership is OVER!

The rules of engagement have shifted and we are taking control of the conversation. There are only two choices; learn to cooperate and align thoughts and actions with TRUTH in Service to Lov. The failure to choose relegates one to a life of self alienationand endless suffering from living a "divided life." Choose now, with us to be fully alive. We are born again and in total surrender to a Vision of a New World. We are remembering the ancient wisdom and millions of us are answering the Call to Lead, to Serve to Heal and to Lift!

The new leaders, and we are many, have gone through the sacred fires and we have a profound connection to the Soul of Humanity. We have cultivated an inner life that is more congruent with our outer actions. Because our hearts are wide open, we are allowing our LIght to Shine and we are being purged of all self interest, greed, fear and disharmony. We are calling forth the power of each of our brothers and sisters. And we are not afraid or hesitant to leverage our collective power in service to the shift

Dr. Martin Luther King said "The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long But It Bends Toward Justice

A major and radical re-adjustment is now underway bringing humanity back into balance. We have heard and are honoring the cries of Mother Earth to "STOP" the willful and reckless destruction of the Planet and Eco- System. Restoration, healing, forgiveness and radical action is now being taken by millions of Awakened Souls who are here on this Planet to facilitate the shift.

A Revival of what it is to be fully human is sweeping the nation and the result is the re-appearance of the Christ shining forth as the Light and the Love and Pure Consciousness of all humanity.

We are a diverse group and we have been prepared for this historical moment. We are leveraging resources, talent, skills, expertise and wisdom in service to establishing a new culture, a new language, and new systems of governance. Mere existence is no longer a viable option as apathy and indifference give way to inspired and conscious action.

We value human potential and relationships with one another and the Earth is what strengthens and informs us. This new "ethos" is grounded in surrender and absolute love, based on collaboration, truth telling, visionary leadership, courage and compassion.

God in "HER" Feminine wisdom and power is speaking new worlds into existence and dismantling those systems and structures that are in opposition to f Life, Liberty, Equality and Justice. The Goddess has reclaimed her rightful authority and she now gathers together her children; all of us and each of us. She sits on her throne in regal beauty, disciplined, fearless, creative, sensual and she represents Divine Wisdom poured out in service to humanity rising!

Her Counsel, Her Power, Her Wisdom and Her Love nurtures and supports the evolution of consciousness. She is Protector of the Earth and Giver of Life. Hers is a "fierce" Love and in her embrace the world now finds comfort. The Power of Her Soul and the Strength of her Being stands guard over her creation and does not hesitate to ACT in the Presence of Impending Danger! She sees, she hears and she resoinds to the heartsong of each child.

It is through 'Her" that the destruction of all thought forms of negativity, separateness and divisiveness is certain, immediate and complete. Her gentleness restores, heals, reconciles, transforms and she is a fountain of pure love and absolute joy. Within her life is conceived, nurtured and infused with the creative power of her love. She speaks worlds into existence. She commands and humanity follows. She infuses every aspect of public and private life with" awareness of existence' weaving a beautiful tapestry of the diversity of God's Creation.

She disrupts and she disturbs the status quo. She represents the Grandmother Spirit and it is she that holds the tension of the opposites and her strength is in the knowledge of the underlining unity of all things. In HER Presence cowardice and inertia lose their hold over the minds of "men" She activates within us the Power of our individual and collective Will and she stretches forth her hand to do GOOD freely giving and receiving in this beautiful dance.... this One Song.

This is a New Day! There is GOOD NEWS in all of the Land. We Rise to Serve and TRUTH is our compass ensuring we shall survive the fierce winds and the angry waters. It is certain that we all shall find our way HOME; that place deep within the human heart where there is no separation, there is no fear, there is no death. Our deepest longings, our hunger for connection, and desire to realize our potential, and to be heard, has awakened millions of us.. We are recognizing one another, embracing one another and honoring one another.

Radical Forgiveness and Radical Love not from the emotions rather as the manifestation of the Mind of Christ and the Will of God within us; heals, transforms, liberates, redeems and darkness gives way to LIght.

Never again, shall the many be ruled by the few. Never again, shall fear hide the LIght of Truth and Ignorance blind us to our connection to one another and to Mother Earth. Through us, all of humanity is redeemed and liberated from the prison of our minds. No memory of our individual and collective past shall soon be found anywhere. Drowned in the sea of forgetfulness is all of our shame and all of our guilt. The Kingdom of Love is here. The rule of the Christ has dawned. The radiance and beauty of the new world is reflected in the eyes of every child and unspeakable joy is shared heart to heart and soul to soul.

Glory, Glory Hallelujah