Lev Hakak
Professor, UCLA

In 1971, while I was a graduate student of Hebrew literature and also an attorney in Israel, the Hebrew University gave me a grant to do my PhD at UCLA. After receiving my PhD in 1974 I taught two years at UC Berkeley and then I was invited back to UCLA, where I have been a Full Professor for about thirty years.
In 1980 I also received my second license as an attorney, this time in CA. I practiced law.
I have published more than ten research books in the field of Hebrew literature, two novels, short stories, a poetry volume and numerous articles.I published six books in the area of Hebrew creativity, mostly by Rabbis.
In 2002 I was asked to be the editor of the oldest Hebrew journal in the world, published by a Hebrew culture organization located in NY. After the demise of the organization, I was the chief editor of the only Hebrew periodical in the US, Hador: The Hebrew Annual of America.
I am active in the community and several times a year I deliver the Shabbat sermon at my synagogue.
I have lived in Los Angeles since 1971, except for the two years that I taught at UC Berkeley.
I am married to Carole, a National Board Certified teacher, have a son (an artist and musician trained at Duke University) and a daughter (PhD in psychology) and three little grandchildren.
In 2014 my very capable and highly cultured first-born son passed away suddenly due to heart arrhythmia.
For more details please see my page at UCLA (it has not been updated at the last years but does have some more specific information about my career and publications):


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