A Compulsive Overeater

I have been a compulsive overeater for as long as I can remember. When I was five I would steal food from the groceries my mother brought home and try to convince her she left a bag at the store. That’s what addiction does, it makes you a liar and it makes you alone. I hid from people throughout most of my youth and early adulthood, binging, taking laxatives, taking amphetamines to curb my appetite, going on every fad diet, gaining and losing hundreds of pounds, not eating for months at a time, gorging for months after that. I ate frozen, burnt, and discarded food. I ate off other people’s plates and ate other people’s food. The level of shame associated with this was indescribable, but suffice to say I’m sure some of you can relate. Before you get down, know that there is a solution. I found my salvation in the 12 steps, by admitting I was powerless over food and admitting I needed help.

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