Adrianna Quintero
Executive Director, Voces Verdes & Director, Partner Engagement, NRDC

Adrianna Quintero is a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the founder/director of Voces Verdes, a national coalition that connects Latino business, community leaders and organizational partners with government decision-makers calling for action on climate change and clean energy.

Adrianna began as a litigator with NRDC's environmental health program, where she specialized in public health issues surrounding safe drinking water, bottled water, pesticides and toxic air pollution.

Adrianna has appeared on numerous English and Spanish language television and radio programs nationwide and internationally. Adrianna is featured in “Tapped,” the 2009 documentary film on the bottled water crisis. She has litigated before the Supreme Court, testified before Congressional subcommittees, the United Nations, and numerous conferences and meetings.

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