Adrienne Parks
Freelance writer

Adrienne Parks has an MFA in TV/Film from UCLA (1982), an MHRM (Masters in Human Resource Management) from Pepperdine University (1979), and a BFA from the University of Maryland, College Park. A founding member of both the UMD Women's Center and "Writing On," a D.C. performance collective, Parks guest lectured nationally on behalf of women's and gay rights. She marched in the first NYC Gay Pride parades and helped liberate the U.S. Army of its righteous certifitude by serving as an officer. There she founded the Augusta, Ga. NOW. She appeared on the first nationally syndicated TV show ("The David Susskind Show," October 1971) with seven "out" women, including the American Library Association's late Barbara Gittings. Now a self-proclaimed "recovering screenwriter," she taught screenwriting at UCLA off and on for 20 years, in the classroom and online.