Ahtyana Johnson
17-year-old living with Aplastic Anemia

The seventeen-year-old currently lives in Springfield Gardens, New York with her younger sister and her parents. Prior to that she lived in Jamaica, Queens. Ahtyana attends Cardoza High School in Queens. A natural athlete, Ahtyana has excelled at gymnastics and track and field since she was just three-years-old. The summer of 2010 she suddenly felt dizzy, having trouble walking up the stairs and legs and hips were tightening up and she was getting random bruises. September 21st she went to the hospital and tested her for everything and a week later she was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. Ahtyana is currently receiving treatment at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. If the mediciation doesn’t work, she’ll need a bone marrow transplant to survive. Ahtyana and her family are working closely with DKMS Americas to find a match.