Amelia Fleetwood
Fashion industry professional

My name is Amelia Fleetwood. I am a single mother of two children, one 15 and the other four. I am British but have lived now for most of my life in Southern California. We came here in the 1970s in order for my father to further pursue his dreams as a musician -- he is the drummer for Fleetwood Mac.

Over the last few years I have worked consistently in the fashion industry in some sort of form or another. Starting with a stint at Vogue as the West Coast Associate editor, on to a celebrity stylist, casting director for many wonderful photographers, this list goes on. I have a real love for photography and have had a few fine art shows of my own. Most recently I finished a stint as a consultant and artistic director at an e-commerce site. I live in Shadow Hills about 20 miles outside of the center of LA , with my two kids, two horses, one dog and a sickly looking blue fish.