Amelia Templeton

Amelia Templeton
Research & Advocacy Associate, Iraq Refugee Initiative
Joined Human Rights First in 2007

Amelia Templeton works on advancing policy solutions to address the plight of refugees who have been forced to flee Iraq or are displaced within the country.

Before coming to Human Rights First, Amelia worked for Marketplace radio and as a freelance journalist, contributing stories to American Public Media and National Public Radio. In 2006 Ms. Templeton traveled to Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon to report on the two million Iraqi refugees who have fled the country. She contributed research to the 60 Minutes report on Iraqi allies, "Left Behind," interviewing dozens of former translators, housekeepers, engineers, and drivers. In Jordan she spent time at the hospital that treats Iraqis wounded while working for the United States. Amelia also conducted a needs assessment of Iraqi refugees for Mercy Corps.

While a student at Swarthmore College, Amelia helped found War News Radio, a weekly program focusing on first-hand and civilian accounts of the Iraq War and broadcast by 50 NPR affiliates nationwide.