Amor Boykin
HIV test counselor, phlebotomist and care coordination specialist, GMHC

Amor Boykin is an HIV test counselor, phlebotomist, and care coordination specialist at GMHC. He has also been the care coordination specialist of the House of T.O.P (Taking Ownership in Prevention) and BKBS (Brothers Keeping Brothers Safe), which are two of the safer sex fraternity-based workshops that are part of the Outstanding Beautiful Brothers (OBB) program. OBB works with young men of color who have sex with men on community building, safer sex, healthy relationships depression, bullying, suicide, homelessness, domestic violence, rape and prostitution. Amor has received training from the National Counsel for Community Behavioral Healthcare New York to provide mental health first aid to persons who may be in the early stages of developing mental health problems. In 2012 Amor and his colleagues were recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) with a national award for outstanding work and commitment to young men of color who have sex with men (YMSMOC) through New York City’s “first ever” safer sex fraternity-based intervention. He has over eight years of experience in HIV prevention, with a focus on community building and advocacy for YMSMOC. He continues seeking to educate, empower and build a stronger community for our LGTBQ youth of color.