Andy Wilson
blogger, activist, critic and know-it-all in Austin, TX

Andy Wilson is an online organizer and activist in Austin, TX. He has worked in various areas of politics, lobbying, and advocacy but really loves to geek out over social media, technology, or the latest in comic books, movies, and tv.

But what Andy really geeks out over are his favorite issues: coal and other fossil fuels, climate change, clean energy, campaign finance reform, open government, connecting the public to their government through technology and social media, voting systems and voting rights, and political philosophy from Plato to Kierkegaard. He a board member of Common Cause Texas, the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas, and a founding board member of Clean Elections Texas, and was named one of the Texas Observer's Next Generation leaders, honoring the Top 40 under 40 in Texas.

You're as likely to find Andy at Netroots Nation or Comic-Con or SXSW, or in the halls of the Texas Legislature as his local comic book store.

Andy is the creator and editor of the Darth Politico blog, "Where Geekery Meets Politics in a super-collider built with your tax dollars." He is a frequent contributor and Austin correspondent for BigShinyRobot.com. He was also was the creator of TexasVox.org, the blog of Public Citizen in Texas.

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