Anisha Ismail Patel
Global Educator. Social Impact Entrepreneur . Promotes Women & Youth in Service & Leadership

Anisha Ismail Patel is the Founder and Chief Educational Officer (CEdO) of InnovusED LLC. She is a global educator with over 23 years of experience as a teacher, professor, and administrator. Amongst other national leaders, Anisha was invited to a White House reception by President Obama. A fellow of the Harvard Global Education Think Tank, she is on a mission to promote peaceful coexistence between people of diverse backgrounds by nurturing understanding and respect in and out of schools. She is passionate about civic engagement, especially nurturing women and youth in leadership and service. She has launched two philanthropic and personal development nonprofit organizations, one in her birth city in Malawi, Africa and another when she moved to Chicago. She is a speaker, writer, and educational social entrepreneur. Her most important role is that of being a mother to her four young children. They live in Arlington Heights, Illinois unless they are away exploring the world.