Anjali Malhotra
Perfect Morsel

Anjali is smitten by all things edible and thrives on storytelling. She weaves together words & photographs at Perfect Morsel as she explores culinary corners of the world in search of stories, memories, recipes and the next perfect morsel.

Born in New Delhi, India, she made her way to Brooklyn, New York, via Austin, Texas; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Khartoum, Sudan; and Beirut, Lebanon. Along with this list of culinary influences is Myanmar/Burma, where her father was born and brought up. Raised in a Hindu home, in a Catholic school, in a Muslim country and now married to a man with Jewish ancestry, her only religion is food. She eats everything!

By day, Anjali works with vampires & warriors at HBO and, by night, she plays with spices & recipes in her kitchen. Her weekends are spent exploring farmer’s markets and, as often as she can, she takes to the road and sky in search of food stories. She lives in NY with her equally food-obsessed husband and dog. Stay connected to her stories via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.