Anjuli Ayer

Anjuli Ayer blogs about eating, covering everything from taste to politics. She seeks a common dialogue about food and hopes that everyone will join in. She cooks to please her senses, her company, and her body. An avid goer and partaker in farmers' markets, CSAs, supper clubs, and Slow Food, she swoons over fresh produce and abhors a bad meal.

She also lives for eating in foreign locales, walking the streets and photographing new cities (Flickr), and learning the local tongue. She hopes that New York can find inspiration in every day freshness and quality from places like Osaka and Mexico City. She’s also an avid hiker and climber and enjoys scrambling upstate for some weekend camping.

When she's not blogging at, tracking down an assignment, or casing the town on an ingredient mission, she’s writing her first cookbook in collaboration with her mother. The recipes will combine her father's South Indian and mother's American roots in a quest for flavor. Prior to kicking it freelance she had a day job at Flavorpill, the epitome of cultural shortlist emails based in SOHO.