Ann Fry
Be the Leader of Your Life

In 2009, Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now thriving and starting her newest speaking business – I Am a Thriver … as an advocate and spokesperson for cancer “thrivers” and for companies developing greater compassion for employees with Cancer and major illness.
But here’s the first part of the story … the back story:
Ann calls herself a Catalyst for Change and ReInvention. She’s been somewhat of a maverick forever, always striving to stay on the cutting edge of needs and to sync them with her own interests and desires. She is definitely someone who walks her walk, and talks her talk.
For a living
Ann is a professional speaker and an organizational / executive coach. She built this practice by first being a psychotherapist, a health-care administrator, a college professor, and of course a mother (and even a wife for 25 years, now divorced). For the last 18 years, Ann has worked around the country speaking, training and coaching in corporations, non-profits, government agencies and at professional association conferences. She brings inspiration for change to her audiences, as well as her sense of humor. She helps to inspire people to move away from the “status quo” – to something that excites them, gives them juice, gets them out of bed in the morning.
People come to her when they are ready for something to be different. And Ann knows about different. She’s been re-inventing most of her life… both professionally and personally.
Ann has a 37 year old son. (He’s the lead singer of the band Distant Lights, Austin, TX) In 2006, she sold everything (almost .. she brought the cats with her) and moved from Austin, TX to NYC for a new adventure. … and then, in 2009 – Breast Cancer. Not part of the plan. But Ann faced it as a reality, used her resiliency skills and is now thriving. She walks her walk… she doesn’t just speak about ReInvention… she does it!
In 2013, her son was diagnosed with melanoma on his scalp. It was fairly deep, surgically removed, as was a major lymph node. Good news – it appears they “got it all.”
In 2015, Ann moved away from her NYC experience and returned to Austin to be closer to her son and back in warmer weather.
Lastly, in addition to her own cancer, she's been a sister, a cousin, an aunt and now Ann adds Mother of a child with cancer to her repertoire.
Contact Information:
Ann Fry, MSW • ann@annfry.com • www.annfry.com • www.iamathriver.com • www.cancer-360.com • 646-895-9295

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