Anya Cordell

Author: RACE: An OPEN & SHUT Case, Recipient: Spirit of Anne Frank Award, Transformational speaker against bias, 'appearance-ism,' and the designation of any group as 'Other'

Anya Cordell is a passionate spokesperson against bias, stereotyping, "appearance-ism" and the designation of any group as "Other." A speaker, writer, and recipient of the 2010 Spirit of Anne Frank Award, she is author of RACE: An OPEN & SHUT Case. She focuses on the universal experience of the injustice of "appearance-ism" (appearance-based judging of ourselves and others), as a core issue to inspire everyone to combat all types of bias. Her programs on bridging divides of religion and ethnicity and crossing into one another's lives, also address teasing, bullying, stereotyping, racism, homophobia, and discounting associated with age or health-related challenges. She founded The Campaign for Collateral Compassion, to raise awareness of the post 9/11 backlash against Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and others and the murders of innocent members of these groups. She is the author of the acclaimed piece, Where the Anti-Muslim Path Leads, which has been reprinted widely, most recently at TheInterfaithObserver.org