Aparna Pande

Director, India Initiative, Hudson Institute

Aparna Pande is a Research Fellow at Hudson Institute. Aparna wrote her PhD dissertation on Pakistan's foreign policy. Her major field of interest is International Relations with a special interest in foreign policy, security studies, religion in politics, political Islam, and South Asia. Aparna contributes to online newspapers such as The Weekly Standard, Pajamas Media, IndoLink, Outlook India and Chowk.

A 1993 graduate of Delhi University, Aparna holds a Master of Arts in History from St. Stephens College at Delhi University and a Master of Philosophy in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Aparna Pande received a Doctorate in Political Science from Boston University. Aparna Pande's book titled 'Explaining Pakistan's Foreign Policy: Escaping India' is set to be released in March 2011 by Routledge.

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