Apartment Therapy
Helping people make their homes more healthy, beautiful and organized by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community.

Twelve years ago, Maxwell Ryan was known as the "apartment therapist," traveling by scooter to his clients' homes to help them make their spaces beautiful, organized and healthy. Part interior designer, part life coach, his touch points were simplicity, comfort, and lack of clutter. Unlike typical designers, Maxwell didn't want to dictate where things should go or how people should live; he wanted to arm them with the tools and the confidence to decide for themselves.

In April 2004, Maxwell, with his brother Oliver Ryan, launched Apartment Therapy, turning their weekly email into a daily blog post, reviewing stores, offering tips, posting photos of Maxwell's design projects and answering readers' questions. By connecting the site’s readers to a wealth of resources, ideas and attainable home solutions, Maxwell was able to motivate them to build their own “good life,” based not only on design, but on lifestyle.

As the readership grew, so did Apartment Therapy. Within the first five years of its existence, the site launched sister sites including critically-acclaimed culinary website The Kitchn, which has spawned a dedicated readership of its own and a James Beard Award-winning cookbook, The Kitchn Cookbook (2014).

Apartment Therapy has continued to flourish, growing at 30% year over year. It has become the go-to resource for over 36 million unique readers who scour the site each day in search of Maxwell’s decorating tips, design advice and visual inspiration. The brand’s success stems from Maxwell’s ability to demonstrate that a healthy, happy home doesn’t necessitate large amounts of money or space. Instead it requires imagination, connection to resources and motivation to do something about it.

In 2006, Maxwell brought his design philosophy to print with the release of his first book, the bestseller, Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure. He has since penned Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions (2008), Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces (2010), and – most recently – The New York Times bestseller, Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home (2015).

In February of 2016, Maxwell marked his return to the design with the launch of The Maxwell Ryan Tableware Collection. A collaboration with premier home décor brand, Canvas Home, the collection is the first product launch from Apartment Therapy and is designed with clean, practical elegance in mind. In keeping with Maxwell’s signature minimalist style, the collection is devoid of distracting patterns except for a single subtle signature mark on the rim. The result is a collection that is versatile, durable and can seamlessly transition from a casual breakfast to a formal dinner.