Ari Horie
Founder and CEO of Women's Startup Lab

Ari Horie is CEO and Founder of Women's Startup Lab, a high caliber collective of edgy and hardcore startup founders who are intensely results-driven. Horie was recently named one of CNN's Visionary Women in 2014 as "Startup Sister." Growing up in Hiroshima, Horie wore a pink backpack when all the other school children wore red ones. As a business leader and former IBM employee navigating international marketing and product management in the Valley, Horie recognized “the pink backpack,” or being a woman, as an influencing factor when leading a company. Her business vision focuses on what women can do right now to kick butt in business and how to leverage the innovation and free thinking of the technology industry to build leading tools and solutions. Interested in joining WSLab? Learn more at www.womenstartuplab.com