Arzu Kaya Uranli

Independent Journalist & Lecturer

Arzu Kaya-Uranli, is a broadcaster, language studies professor and spiritual mentor currently based in New York, USA. Since 1998, she has worked with many different national TV and radio stations as a correspondent, reporter, anchor woman, director and producer. She currently writes weekly editorial articles for Huffington Post and Today’s Zaman about the heated topics in the USA while concentrating on human rights, education, gender equality, environmental issues and Turkey in general.
Kaya-Uranli is an award winning Turkish Literature & Language teacher and she has been teaching Turkish for 22 years. Currently, she is a lecturer at The New School in NYC.
As a certified transformative leader in applied spirituality she has attended many seminars and events as a keynote speaker.
She is a current member of the Board of Directors of a local high school and she is also an award-winning certified Girl Scout Leader in Northern NJ.
Arzu Kaya-Uranli is currently pursuing her master's degree in Islamic Studies: Christian & Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary.

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