Beau Keyte
President, Keyte Group

Beau began his lean consulting career in the mid-1980s in the automotive industry, transitioned to adapting lean techniques to service and administrative processes in 1992, and has since progressed from implementing tools and techniques to developing and teaching the kind of self-sufficient thinking that challenges work and management processes, improves organizational performance and alignment, and sustains culture change. He now spends half of his time in the healthcare arena where he is designing new ways for organizations to engage, learn, grow, and succeed. In addition to assisting companies in implementing lean strategies, he also trains organizations in a variety of public and private settings. He is currently president of the Keyte Group and a faculty member and instructor for curricula at the Lean Enterprise Institute, the University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University. Beau is the coauthor of a number of journal articles and two Shingo-Award winning books: "The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Administrative Processes" and "Perfecting Patent Journeys." He also is coauthor of Mapping to See: A Value-Stream Improvement Kit for Office and Service. Beau holds BSE and MBA degrees from the University of Michigan.