Becca Marco
Co-Founder of PopandBanter.com

Becca is currently a Director in sales at a technology company in Washington DC, Co-Founder of Pop and Banter and the co-host of the Pop and Banter podcast. As a Director in sales she is responsible for managing the relationship with top media and ad tech clients, and assisting them with their digital strategy and overall research needs. She started her career in media research in NYC over 11 years ago, and during that she has moved to the west coast and back, spent a summer in New Zealand on an avocado orchard, and became a wife and a step-mom to three boys (19, 14 and 13). The experience she gained through transitioning jobs and traveling the world has given her a unique opportunity to try various habits and ways of living to see what stuck and what things ultimately helped her move her life forward. This unique perspective is what she regularly shares on the podcast, which aims to empower women and give them tips on how to lead their best life. She loves this work as she is lifted up by helping those around, and is delighted by the opportunity to assist other working women and moms.