Beth Lapides
Writer, host, comedian, producer, actress, Creative Consultant, UnCabaret.

Beth Lapides is a host, comedian, producer, author and actor and the creatrix, host and producer of UnCabaret. Her podcast Life And Beth is available on iTunes, Stitcher etc.

Beth has hosted UnCabaret on Comedy Central, Amazon, Comedy World Radio, audible.com, HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, and The Getty. It ran for seven sold out years at LunaPark and is currently in residence on Sunday nights at the showroom in Au Lac.

She's appeared on Politically Incorrect, The Today Show, CNN, All Things Considered, The Treatment, Morning Edition, Talk of The Nation, Women Aloud.

Beth has written for Time Magazine, O Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Elle Decor, The Utne Reader, The Realist, LA Weekly, LA Yoga and Premiere Magazine. Her writing has also appeared in numerous anthologies. She is the author of "Did I Wake You? Haikus for Modern Living" and at work on her second book and her first screenplay.

Beth hosted a daily radio show, The Beth Lapides Experience for Comedy World Radio, and a talk show pilot for MTV called The Couch. She's developed for Oxygen, Disney, Warner Brothers and produced a series called The Sweet Smell of Excess for The Recovery Network.

Beth was the first guest star on Will & Grace where she played a club owner, sadly cut out. She played a performance artist on "Sex & The City" and off-beat authority figures in various other TV shows and indie films.

She is the recipient of several NEA's for solo performance work and is currently touring her show "100% Happy 88% of the Time".

Beth teaches The Comedian's Way A Workshop for Writers, Performers and Other Humans.

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