Bianca Rothschild

Tech Entrepreneur turned Meditation Hustler.

Bianca has personally studied consciousness and self-awareness for over twenty years, drawing on modern and age old teachings in her own practise, determined to find a single common thread of authentic truth which is relevant to modern living. Moving her work's focus to this pursuit now, she speaks the language of today, exploring the intersection of innovation and consciousness.

A big picture thinker, Bianca is not limited by tradition or convention and passionately believes in each person’s ability, and their unique potential to create a life of their dreams.
Although she is a successful business woman, her underlying motivation, strength and power is in helping others and providing an abundant exchange. She sees the spirit of business and entrepreneurship as a game that reflects consciousness, transcends money and is rooted in creativity, the hero's journey and service to others.

Co-founder of Magicdust Web Design, one of Australia’s largest digital agencies for small businesses, Bianca also is an avid writer, yogini, artist and entrepreneur.