Bill Folman
Author, The Scandal Plan (or: How to Win the Presidency by Cheating on Your Wife)

As a seventh grader, Bill Folman drew political cartoons of Michael Dukakis and George H.W. Bush for the middle school magazine in his hometown of Easton, Connecticut. More recently, he enjoyed a brief career as a theater actor, directed a few short films, earned a few degrees (a BA from Brandeis University and an MFA from Boston University), and spent countless hours shouting at the evening news. The news has yet to shout back, but Bill remains hopeful. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he writes books and screenplays. His first novel, THE SCANDAL PLAN (or: How to Win the Presidency by Cheating on Your Wife), is a political satire about a straight-arrow presidential candidate, down-in-the-polls, whose campaign fakes a sex scandal to humanize their candidate and develop a winning comeback narrative. Needless to say, nothing goes as planned. It is available now from publisher William Morrow. To learn more about Bill, please visit