Bin Song (宋斌)
philosopher, religious scholar, and Ruist (Confucian) practitioner

Bin Song got his PhD of western philosophy with a focus on the cartesian physics and metaphysics at Nankai University, China, in 2009 and was appointed as an assistant professor of philosophy of science until 2013. After earning his S.T.M at Boston University in 2014, he is now pursuing another PhD of religious studies in the Graduate Division of Religious Studies at Boston University. He has published a book on the cartesian physics and metaphysics, also numerous articles and presentations about western religion/philosophy, Chinese religion/philosophy, Christian spirituality and comparative theology.
As a Ruist (Confucian) practitioner with an interest in nurturing his own type of 'multiple-religious-belonging', the primary focus of Bin Song's spiritual and academic life is to increase the relevance of traditional Ruism (Confucianism) to the contemporary global human society through an on-going dialogue with ordinary people, a variety of philosophical traditions, and non-Ruist world religions.

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