Bob Banov and Roger Ohlsen
New York-based writing team

Bob Banov - Writer, Stage and Screen Play Consultant, Activist
Since the eighties, Bob has had a dual career. He has served as script consultant and public relations representative for a variety of well-known authors, such as Edgar Allan Poe Award winner and writer-producer of “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” Eric Blau and John Scoullar, whose musical adaptation of “The Little Prince” won awards at the Bayreuth Festival in Germany and was published on CD in Japan. His credits include Off-Broadway directing and writing, editing for Theater Craft Magazine and writing for Common Cents and “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.” He has served in several managerial positions, has produced and edited financial forecasts for Business International (now owned by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist) and has served as writer, researcher and investigative reporter for such global marketing advisories as GlobalReach-SBI.

Roger Ohlsen - Opera Singer and Writer
Roger is an operatic tenor with forty years of experience in major opera companies in Canada and the United States. He performed as an entertainer for fifteen years in two Greenwich Village cabarets, The Asti Restaurant and Bianchi & Margherita. He gained extensive customer relations experience as office manager of Ad Hoc Marketing advertising firm in New York City, creating effective, high-level client communications. His experience as a writer began when he was editor of his college yearbook, and culminated when he was required to do complex, descriptive writing as supervisory editor of Trademark Research’s Inaugural 50 State Database.

For more of Roger's and Bob's political insights, please visit The Civil New Yorker. Their most recent screenplay "Stuart Bente" (pronounced Bent) is a realistic romantic comedy.