Brad Reid

Senior Scholar, Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity, Lipscomb University

Brad Reid is Professor of Business Law and Senior Scholar of the Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity at Lipscomb University. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Oklahoma and his J.D. from the University of Texas. He worked for Exxon and was in the private practice of law prior to joining the faculty of Abilene Christian University where he was a Professor of Business Law for 35 years, receiving teaching, scholarship, and service awards. He has numerous publications and papers in employment law, marketing law, and intellectual property law. He is the founder and first editor of the Southern Law Journal and Atlantic Law Journal. He was a long term contributor to a legal column in the Journal of Marketing and has written extensively for Computing Reviews. The Dean Institute was co-founded by Lipscomb and Nashville law firm Bone McAllester Norton PLLC. Lipscomb’s Dean Institute approaches governance from a faith-based perspective and addresses how character and integrity inform the decisions, actions and culture of corporations.