Brooke Herron
14 year wine industry veteran. Travel and lifestyle writer/marketer. Californian in Europe.

I’m a 14 year wine industry veteran who fell in love with the wine industry the moment I walked into it in 2001 (when I was 21 years old). I spent my first eight years in the industry, living in beautiful places, doing creative work, and surrounded by wonderful people, wine, and food. Later in my career, as I moved away from working directly with wineries (and into what we call the ‘wholesale’ or sales and distribution management world), I found that I quickly lost my passion. While I was using a lot of skills that were perceived as valuable to those around me, I wasn’t tapping the abilities I truly shine at and enjoy using. I was busy doing the job that I had, instead of the job I wanted. I felt stuck and unable to change my situation. I thought about the last time I had felt truly inspired, free, and happy. It was the last time I had traveled alone. I had felt empowered. I navigated problems with ease, met people everywhere, and was in my element. It was the perfect environment for motivation and new beginnings. I figured a change had to be made. So I took the leap. quit my job, took my life savings and went to Europe, with the intent of taking a one year career break while figuring out how to change my career direction. I started a blog ( www.adifferentkindoftravel.com ), and began honing my freelance marketing and writing skills. Currently, you can find me in Spain.