C. Cryn Johannsen
Founder and Director of All Education Matters, Journalist

Ms. C. Cryn Johannsen, Founder and Executive Director of All Education Matters, Inc., is the author of Higher Ed, Greater Debt: The Student Loan Crisis(Seven Stories Press). She is also the senior technical writer and editor at DNS Made Easy.

She has spent many years in academic environments, giving her an insider's understanding of the varying forms of educational institutions and how they function. Ms. Johannsen worked for an academic publishing company, but now advocates for individuals who are struggling or unable to pay off their student loan debt on Capitol Hill.

In addition to her previous employment, Ms. Johannsen has been a student at multiple levels at multiple institutions, beginning at a community college, graduating with honors from the University of Kansas, and receiving MAs from both the University of Chicago and Brown University (where she also participated in an exchange scholar program with Harvard). She is an experienced researcher and instructor, and has focused her own education on the study of History and the Social Sciences.

Ms. Johannsen also gives talks to organizations and universities, and makes frequent appearances for interviews on radio and television.

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